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Looking for that perfect gift for the Momma/Teacher/Caregiver in your life? Give the gift of Canna infusion, from services to products. This Holiday Sale ends Saturday 12/4/2021.

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Honey: So Matcha Energy

Honey: So Matcha Energy

SKU: 364115376135191

This Four TwHONEY blend contains:

Green Te Matcha, Moringa, Ginger and Cayenne. Blended with HEMP infused Raw Honey, this jar can alter your health trajectory and set you on the path to healing, starting with just 4oz. of goodness.


    So Matcha Energy: Is a blend of Green Tea Matcha, Moringa, Cayenne, and Cannabis infused oils, all mixed into raw honey. These blends only use Raw honey so that the consumers can receive the healing power available in the honey. Drink in the AM or for an afternoon pick me up as this blend offers a calm alertness, along with a metabolism boost to aid in digestion and gut repair.


    30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Customers can receive a refund on items that have gone unused (3/4 of the product must remain).


    Shipping & Handling available in the USA and Canada, only to states where CBD (Cannabidiol) is legal.

    Items ship within 5-7 business days. Each product is made to order so there are no products sitting on shelves for weeks and weeks.

    Shipments arrive via USPS unless otherwise specified. 

    Shipping fees contingent upon # of products and their size.

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